JHM new products

Ok guys so I just saw a video on Instagram from JHM advertising new products coming soon for RS4/RS5
I could swear I hear turbo chatter.

Anyone know anything

I was literally about to make this post! Someone please tell us it’s almost here!? If it is…group buy on the supercharger? Could be quite the Christmas gift to myself :slight_smile:

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It is it’s true. They done it.

Defo not in my price range I’m sure but it’s something worth living for haha

Are you allowed to say what’s their price is? I don’t think it’s exactly public knowledge yet.

It’s not public yet I beleive and I don’t know the price. I’m just presuming sorry.

Just checked it out, it’s a few pieces of fancy aluminium plates so far :roll_eyes:

Do explain

They’re selling these Milled Aluminum covers for the Coolant resevoir cap, Intake manifold cover (guess you pull the plastic cover and leave it off). Not something I’d be interested in.

Ah. I thought he was calling the supercharger setup the fancy aluminum. That’s all I’m interested in!

They’ll obviously have the SC soon but on top of that, their new machine shop is turning out a lot of new parts from the billet PCV kit to transmission and differential bushing inserts.

Here’s my installation video for the new billet PCV. I’ll be coming out with longer hoses so you can use your OEM intake cover. Still battling COVID and not 100% yet but I’ll get it done in the next few weeks. You can, of course, get everything through me, just contact me for best pricing.

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Any change on a 3.0T version?