JHM Stage 1+ Charge Cooler Function

Good day guys. Was away on business travel for about 3 weeks+ and had left the car to change the car’s leaking water pump with a new one. Nothing strange there. Car is/was functioning without any issue prior to being delivered for the part change.

Guys were sending me pics periodically to show me the progress of the work. they disconnected the main radiator, emptied G12, blah blah, they didnt touch anything that had to do with the charge cooler piping arrangement. Just unscrewed the charge cooler heat cooler from the car radiator, left it hanging to do lift the car, do the swap and all was fine.

Normally between the reading of the outside temperature (sensor is new) I have a difference between 5 to 8 degrees C to what I see from my “torque pro” app using my mobile phone as intake temperature.

So after I picked up the car I see the following:

  1. With 18C at night the lowest intake temp was 28 while the car was moving normal-speed and if I go WOT 28 becomes 32-34-36. If I stop the car the intake temp rises to 56-58 C

Got the car back to the guys yesterday morning for a check. Guys removed the front bumper, all charge cooler connections and pipes where intact, reservoir level is full, liquid is G12. We have installed an additional valve to bleed off the air from the piping. tried this as well.

Checked for any leaks in the MAF area. maybe some hot air from the engine was finding its way there. Nothing found. removed the air intake pipe just to check it without it and get some more fresh air in the charge cooler.

What I would normally expect to see is ambient/outside temp 18 C…intake temps around 23-25C and thats it

any ideas??? ??? ???

Yes with the cooler added your about 8 to 10 deg F difference in temps form outside to charge temps. Now once you get the core heat soaked it might be a bit more for a few min and with slow speeds no driving no air across the heat exchanger your going to see a rise in temps but not what your seeing.

Sounds to me like there is no water movement. Pull one of the pipes going to the charge cooler and see if there is pressure then pull the connection after the cooler and make sure there is good flow.

I would start there first.

Thanks Justin. I will be checking it over the weekend and update you.

Dont want to create a new thread…so I write up here.

have a slight issue with my cooling ability of the ac.

I have also installed the KC in the car, fired up the car, did some driving in the morning, everything was cool and icy as it is supposed to be. Go out again, hit some 3rd-4th-5th gear hard go back no cooling… after some testing we identified some minor leak of freon from the system which was fixxed but the vcds shows a constant 3 bar both with the ac off and on.

We think the compressor may failed but havent taken it out yet for examination. We have a bit of mixed opinions about what is the appropriate pressure to see when we are using VCDS for the compressor. The engineers here thing that 3.5 - 4 bar is adequate.

can you please let me know your opinions on the subject i.e. running the ac with the KC what are the expected pressures you are seeing and more or less what would be an approximate added quantity for freon?