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I have been running a thread about what I have been doing for repairs on other local people’s cars on AZ. Figured that I would bring it over here too.

I had a B8 S5 coupe in for some noises and really bad tire wear. He had mentioned that he was hearing a popping noise when turning the steering wheel while sitting still and at slow speeds. Also the front tires were wearing unevenly.

To start off with, I took the front wheels off and the right front tire had cords showing on the inside edge. Both front tires were really worn on the inside edge of the thread.


Next I moved to the looking at his suspension.


Here are the upper control arms.


After closer inspection, the upper control arm bushings were cracked and torn.



Just to be sure I moved to the lower control arms.



Also noticed this on both front straight lower control arms.


It is hard to see the bushings on the curved lower control arms while they are still on the car. So here is a picture of the bushing with the arm off the car.


So we replaced all four upper control arms with the 034 Motorsport adjustable camber correcting control arms and the lower control arms with Lemforder and Meyle HD stock style replacements. Here is a picture of the 034 control arms next to the old stock control arms. The 034 control arms were installed with dust boots too.