KW DDC issue: Flashing red button

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well and staying safe.

I had my KW DDC installed a few month ago and decided against connecting the switch and just using the app. System seems to be working except for some interference noise that has been introduced on my AM stations. Yesterday I decided to connect the switch with the theory that the noise was being transmitted from the unterminated long cable connected to the controller module. To my surprise, after the installation, the switch continued to flash red. I am able to change the dampening mode with the app and the switch even though the switch is flashing red. All the lights on the controller are green except the RL status light is flashing green.

Anyway, I have send an email to KW but I am sure that they are on shelter and hold in Germany as we are. So here I am posting to see if anyone who has this system has had any issues similar to mine.

Thanks in advance for your assistance

re-seating the valve connector on the controller cleared the fault.

True root cause.

each cable to a dampener mates to the DDC controller’s “valve” connector via a two pin connector. There is no strain relief on these connectors and any pull on the cable extracts the male pin in the 2-pin connector breaking the connection.