Lean at idle? Carbon cleaning?

Hey guys i have an audi s6 2007 i’m at 102k miles. I’m now having bank 1 lean at idle. I have smoke tested the car 7 times now but there no leak at all. I have also changed the fuel filter for the heck of it just hoping that would be a simple fix but i guess not lol. At around 85-90k miles i changed all 10 injectors, Coil packs, spark plugs, in tank fuel pump, pcv and even the high pressure fuel pumps. I’m pretty sure both sides of the car are running lean since i compared both banks and there values were pretty much the same. I did carbon clean the car at 69k miles

The car idle is a bit rough and and when i rev anywhere around 700 to 900 it’ll shake more but once i get it pass 1k it’s smooth as hell. The car does hesitate a little when trying to pull off fast.

Also the misfires are every cylinder randomly. I did keep revving it up and down fast up to 900rpm and every cylinder would randomly misfire and i did catch them all misfiring before one time but when i do drive normally like an initial pull off every time it will misfire a little bit. No engine light or anything i just notice it on the ross tech and of course the little rough shake.

I’m starting to consider maybe the car needs another carbon cleaning because a bit ago i did put a fuel cleaner into the car and it did run smoother for a little bit. So i’m guessing 40k miles later and it needs another carbon cleaning?

Carbon clean it:) 99% sure problems are gone then, and if not, u are stuck with a clean intake, ooooh nooo:) no losses