Let's talk SAI removal....

…I have the kit from JHM and I will install the caps and delete the system.
My question is:
Do I delete everything all the way to the pump, do I do a complete castration or just unplug the pump and delete the plumbing?
Thanks in advance.

You can leave the pump plugged in but if your going to remove the system you’re going to need at some point to get the JHM SAI off tune. When you do that it takes out the entire system pump and all .

For now. you can get away with leaving the pump plugged in and just removing all the hardware. Smart move as the SAI system causes a nasty start up the colder it gets.

Yes, the JHM ECU TCU tune is on the list along with a new IM. I noticed that taking out the pump leaves an opening at the bottom of the airbox. I guess that’ll have to get plugged as well.
Once again, thank you.

I’d rather get rid of everything since the car is wide open and everything is readily accessible.
So if I get rid of everything, all I’m gonna have is a CEL which the JHM tune will fix, correct?
I noticed a vacuum line going towards the module on the top driver’s side of the motor. I can plug this too?