Looking at buying 1st gen/Mk1 TT-what are known issues?

Have owned and maintained a 2008 S6 for last 5 years and a 2009 A4 for 3 years before that.

Considering buying a 2001 TT Quattro coupe 225 turbo 6 speed manual from a trusted friend. He and his family have owned it since new. I know very little about the car at this point, but he is sending me a copy of all maintenance records. We’re also having a PPI done by an independent Audi mechanic.

What inherent, known issues are there with this model? Want to know what I should pay special attention to in the records and PPI.


Those are timing belt cars. Make sure that has been done along with the water pimp. The tensioners and belts need to be changed about every 60k to be safe. some cars went as long as 100k but almost all at that range had timing failers.

The turbos were generally good on the 225 but that will depend on the oil changes. Obviously the same things that you would need to change on your S6 like plugs packs filters are the same. Just no need for a CC clean. Get a compression test. 180+ is a healthy motor.

Great info. Thanks for replying, Justin. Wasn’t sure I was going to get a response over here.

The big issues are the timing belt maintenance and stopping the oil leaks with that engine. The timing belt requires going thru the passenger’s side wheel well and dealing with the side engine mount. The valve cover gasket and the camshaft tensioner seal/half moon tend to leak oil onto other things like the rear coolant flange and ECT sensor causing a coolant leak and killing the sensor. The fuel injector seals also don’t like hot engine oil either. Make sure you change the engine oil often and use a quality oil since those engines had issues with sludge buildup ruining the engine. Generally if the oil pressure light comes on then run away asap.

Since it basically is a VW Golf the chassis has similar issues like the strut mounts collapsing, the struts failing, mounts failing, etc.

Great, great info.
Thanks, Jimmy!

Re: oil change intervals for these cars, do you recommend every 3000, 5000, 7500?

Also looking at an 2002 TT 225. Supposedly has a bad clutch at 132k miles so I can’t road test it. Would the flywheel typically need to be replaced at this mileage or at least resurfaced? Anyway I can get a sense of the drivetrain health? How problematic are these Haldex systems?

Just sold my commuter '01 225 (AMU Motor) to a friend, has 120k and running strong. If you take care of the motor with frequent oil changes and good oil the Long block will last forever. Mine was a Stg2+ Frankenturbo for at least the last 30k and no signs of slowing down.
Timing belts are recommended every 80k but do it at 60k intervals (+tensioner & waterpump) just to be sure. My stock Turbo (K04 on the 225, K03 on the 180bhp), started getting shaft play around 90k, but I had been running Stg2 so probably spinning it a little faster than it should have for longevity. Frankenturbo was cheaper than replacing the K04 and more performance. Suspension bushing wear like any Audi but the TT shares the front suspension with the Golf, lots of choices. I did Koni Coilovers and if lowering the TT you need Camber correction front & rear. Instrument cluster LED back lighting is an issue but there are a couple of repair places (www.modulemasters.com), had mine done, great work. Service the rear Haldex regularly, not really a Quattro but it’s like a Volvo AWD even though they call it Quattro, the car is FWD until it senses a slip then transfers power to the rear. PM me if you’ve got any questions, I kind of regret getting rid of mine but I’ve got too many vehicles.

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