Looking for good used BPG crowned pistons

I’m trying to locate a set of used BPG pistons. These are the crowned pistons as shown below.


AFAIK, these were only in the early B7s (05.5-06). I’m looking for a set in useable shape if anyone has them laying around following an engine build.

This is all a contingency plan if I’m still burning oil after getting my head back from the machine shop. I’m going to do a stock piston build on my spare block. I will be using drop in rods and I already have a crank that should be useable. Here is why I want these pistons specifically:


These are the two types of 2.0T FSI pistons, AFAIK. The one on the right was what came out of my BPG engine when I built it. The one on the left came out of a '07 BPY engine in a GLI. The BPG had a higher compression ratio 10.5:1 vs 10.3:1, but the biggest difference between the two is this:


Notice the casting lines in the dished BPY piston. The BPG pistons don’t have these, meaning that, you guessed it, the BPY pistons are cast and the BPG pistons are forged. This is why I’m specifically looking for the crowned pistons.