Looks like Alpha performance beat my 1/4 record!

Wanted to give props to Alpha Performance for setting the Macan Turbo 1/4 mile record. Awesome job! Best part if the DA was over 1,700 so the time will only improve… Great trap speed as well… Looks like they were running a rear tire and not sure on the fuel. Can’t wait to get my hands on some dp’s and intercoolers. Low 11’s baby! lol


very quick

AMS? Alpha is their ‘product’ I think.

wonder how Audi feels about them lifting the Audi Sport logo.



also I think they were a bit douchey about how they posted that. Talking about how they comfortably topped your time.

THey also did so with a boatload of modifications. Yours was just a tune, correct?

They appear to have tune, exhaust, ‘air filters’ (lol), and an intercooler…oh and as you pointed out, drag slicks lol

Saki, Yes it is their tune. Interesting on the logo, hadn’t thought about that but it does well look very similar… lol

I think that was the fellow who posted on the site and not them… I had tune, filters, and awe catback so yeah basically a tune… lol I was also full weight as I forgot to take the spare and tools out which is over 60lbs… They also have dp’s, not sure if they’re hfc’s or catless? In addition to the coolers you mentioned… I’ll buy the coolers and dp’s once they’re available as there are only Chineese ones out now and I’ve passe don those… Not sure why they’re running slicks? I still cut a better 60ft time on 20inch A/S tires! Good stuff… Looking forward to getting this pig in the low 11’s!

Edit: I didn’t have the exhaust when I made the 11.71 pass, just tune and filters…

I feel like the Macan turbo should be able to go low 11s threatening 10s…what gives? small turbos?

IMO the Cobb tune is very conservative… I think they’re worried about the transmission as they kill all timing advance after launch and between shifts… Weight and aerodynamics aren’t helping either… I’m sure bigger turbos would do wonders but the current setup has a ton more in it but again guessing Cobb is worried about damaging things and killing their reputation… Just my .02

Cobb has a good off the shelf rep and if you want fast and fun while being safe cobb has cut that part out for themselves so you right there.

The MPH isn’t really killer for the alpha time. looks like the car runs hard out of the gate and kinda falls flat after the first half anyways. Have you logged boost. The car is a flying loaf of bread so aerodynamics don’t help that might be a part of it.