Lordoftherings and I hit the strip...

So Lordoftherings and I hit the strip today… Very cold! His car is crazy with I believe the only mods being APR stg2 and roc euro intake… Stock exhaust, stock 19’s, stock brakes… I’m sure he’ll post the slip and details for the database… DA was 310 but it wasn’t a good 310 as it was 39F with 29.87 BP, and 65% RH… A similar DA with higher BP and slightly higher temp is much better… There was also maybe 20 cars there and they weren’t letting the street cars run on the right side of the track with the exception of AK getting one pass, his personal best there… This side of the track is usually a .1 or so faster and reads 2 or so mph higher and I believe it’s more accurate… Anyway, he also went 11.9x a few times on the other side and a few 12’s as well…

My car dissappointed ran a few 11.7s. 11.8s, 11.9s, and the wheel hop disaster 12.7 lol… I got there early and let it cool down for an hour in mid 30 temps… Well the tires got like hockey pucks… I tried to heat them driving around a little but couldn’t get enough in them to soften them much… First two passes I ran 30F 26R pressure spun and wheel hopped to the point I thought I broke something in the drivetrain it was that harsh… Lowered to 26F 22R and still spun but no wheel hop… Then went down to 22F 18R and still got a very little spin but cut a 1.69 60ft time… I was trying to heat the tires the whole time but just couldn’t get enough in them… AK barely sat when he got there and I think it helped as he was getting better traction for sure… Pretty bummed as I think I would have gotten an 11.6x today in the other lane and with some heat in the tires… Such is life… Hopefully, it doesn’t snow and they open next week so I can try again…

Here’s the vid of his best pass… I’ll upload a few of mine where I raced some of the “race cars”… I also have all of AK’s passes and I think his cousins EVO, which is a very nice fast car…


pretty awesome time

sounded like it slipped the clutch (however that could happen) on the 2-3

Yeah good times nonetheless. And I can’t help but laugh when I see the mirrors turned up.

Looks like the car is mildly retarded.

I think it’s great your getting back to the track. With all the excitement and spirit you have it would be cool to see you back on top of the list. Takeing the tire pressure that low just to get off the line really hurts the top end where the car picks up the better ET to match the 60’ do you ever consider having someone spray track prep on your tires just after the water pit. Spray track prep on the tires and launch hard upto the line stage and take off. It works wonders. When I spray my car I need to do that or I’ll just spin. That combo really works for me.

Yes I really really got lucky with runing the right lane. I will post all my times later. I believe ron could have gone 11.6s or 11.5s on the right lane. Right lane was prepped for slicks. And i hit my best 60 foot time on that lane end rest hp and air took care of it. 11.77 at 118. Ron was running those times on the shitty left lane. So his car is definitelly a beast. Lol.

lmfao that made me literally lol.

d.p., It’s worth at least .008… Heck that would have put you in the 11’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Justin, Thanks! I think I would have set a PB in the right lane but probably not the record, speculation either way so it is what it is…

Vids of the EVO with us and me racing a “race car”… lol I knew the guy in the race car wanted to beat me so I made sure to cut a nice light and he had no chance…

AK, Let me know if you want any other vids of your car and I’ll throw them on youtube…




Or I could just trade my 6MT in for a DSG and be in the 11’s no problem. 8)

Thanks for the videos ron. I cant believe your brother stood out there whole time filming. It was freezing and windy. R you planning on going today. I think they are open.

d.p., Nah, 6-speed is so so much funner… I’ll choose driving my RS 9 out of 10 times… You can obviously drive so get a better clutch and you’ll be all good… The problem with most 6-speed S4 times is most folks don’t know how to launch or row the gears…

AK, No problem… Yeah my brother was a trooper now only if he could hold the fucking camera steady… Your 11.90 is below… You had me jazzed for a second as I’d love to go today but they’re closed… I would have taken the RS… Oh well I don’t think they’ll open next week either since it’s supposed to snow :’(


Great to see you guys get out to the track. Thnx for posting.

Lord - congrats on that very impressive time!

Thanks man. I would never trade mine in for a DSG, I was poking fun at all you DSG guys who get seem to get into the 11s with ease.

D.p, I honestly still think with the right driver and clutch setup for a proper launch the 6 speed is faster… I went dsg because it was much better than a tip, seemed fun after a test drive, and I already had a 6 speed toy… No s4s were even drag racing let alone running 11s when I made my purchase… Give me a week with a stage 2 6 speed b8 and proper clutch setup and I’ll run as good as anyone else, not bragging just lots of drag racing experience… Heck I know it’s a different car and performs differently but I cut a 1.67 60ft time in my stock TTRS… So far I’ve only seen less than a handful of folks who can do well drag racing a 6 speed car with this platform so it’s still a small sample set and most of them are stock clutch… Just my .02

True not many 6speed drivers with good numbers.

I wouldn’t say Auditude3.0T is leaving tons on the table. His car went 11.85@117.95, 1.74

Your ttrs 60’ is great but is pretty much irrelevant. It weighs 750 lbs less, makes similar power and is a very different animal. Comparing 60’ times doesn’t make a load of sense.

Saying you think the 6 speed is faster implies there’s an 11.50 or so in Auditude3.0T car. So he left 3.5 tenths on the table? Where?

Saki, yes, I think there is a decent bit more in his car maybe 3 tenths which puts him right there… I know Pete can drive he would be on of the less than handful… I only brought the ttrs time up so d.p. understands I’m not talking out my ass… Personally I think launching the s4 would be easier to launch since the rs is more fwd bias but it is what it is…

I never thought you were talking out of your ass and I do believe you are a good driver evident by your times. However I also believe that DSG’s are faster at the strip then 6MTs. All the fastest times are DSG and would hope that not everyone with a 6MT doesn’t know how to drive it. Either they don’t go to the strip, they do and don’t share their times here or the 6MT is just slower than a DSG.

D.p., it’s that most can’t launch and the clutch can’t handle it… Also I think most are afraid to abuse their 50-60k s4 in the way you need to in order to get optimal performance… Until someone does it though I’m just speculating…

for perspective we have had a couple dozen RS4s down the strip, all manual. A bunch of good drivers. Similar setup to a manual B8 S4 (weight, AWD, etc). The best cars all have upgraded clutches.

Best 60’ time we’ve seen are supercharged cars in the 1.6 range, then a bunch of SC and NA cars in the 1.7 range.

The 1.6 cars are making 500 whp or so. There’s no B8 to compare to them, so let’s leave them out and focus on the similar power/torque RS4s. Those went low-mid 1.7 and are making 350 whp(NA cars with bolt ons) to 420 whp (smaller supercharger setups like the 1320 kit or the JHM stage 1). This is similar to the B8 S4 power and torque as you range from stage 1 and 2 cars on pump to full on race gas cars. Similar weight. Similar everything really.

Anyway, let’s say you get a full tenth on the launch better than the fastest B8 S4 manual cars. Instead of 1.74 or so you get a 1.64. Now what? because that’s 1 tenth, and you need two or three more to go 11.5. Can we see video of your shifting and compare it? because I don’t think it’s possible to get 2-3 tenths on shifting vs even a reasonably competent driver, let alone a good one, especially when we’re only talking 3 shifts total.