Lost editing function?

I seem to have lost the editing function on any of my posts previous to ~April 24th 2014. These are posts that I have been able to edit in the past.

For instance, I have a DIY (3G tethering) I need to make a correction to, I’ve been able to edit in the past but can’t anymore.


maybe a ban ensuing…?

Lol, auto ban for anyone under 2.5L?

no, under 2.2. Gotta keep the fastest Audis here.

Maybe just cylinder count … < 5

I would PM God to see if he can address this.

Done, thanks.

is that VAG total?

wondering if I’ve got a ban coming, got 13 cylinders and 6.3L in my driveway

what’s the other 4 banger?

my GF has an oil burner

Please be more specific. All VAG’s burn oil. huehuehueh


I think he means a diesel golf if memory serves

JSW me thinks to be exact…was attempting to be humorous.


lol, that was actually very good

and mk6 tdi 2door to be exact

Haha I lol’d! Very good.

New game: VAG totals. Mine = 12.2L across 24 cylinders generating a total of 1110 horsepowers and 1000 torques.

I only have 5L and 10 cylinders but I can add both a supercharger and turbocharger to the pile :).

Pretty impressive bangosauce

I have 6.2L and 12cyllys

7.0L, 14 cylinders…

Including the Break My Wallet machine I have 11.9 L and 26 cylinders.

5.9L, 10 Cylinders + 1 wish I was a cylinder