Lucky Find- Functional Non Broken Intake Manifold: Run it OR Tear Down and Inspect?

In some major stroke of luck I purchased a used intake manifold from someone parting out an S6 basically sight unseen (I just wanted another one to test some things on without having my car down)

The manifold package shows up and I notice its a 2016 build date M code unit. The flaps are not only still in there…but are still functional! They move freely with the motor unbolted. Confirmed they are all in place and working properly using my phone camera.

Should I clean it up the best I can without separating it and run it as is? OR separate it and inspect the flap mechanism to prevent possible future failure? It will be installed with IM spacers so I am less concerned about future heat causing failure but more concerned about catching something small now that may be repairable before total failure.

The car it came from had 109k miles on it when it was parted out…and the intake itself looks like it hasn’t been through much compared to my original 137k mile unit.

What’s the right move here?

Generally the main issue with intake manifolds tends to be carbon build up that then jams up the pivot arms connections. These get gummed up and then they start to stop working smoothly. Once they get bound up that stresses the components and usually twords the end of the shaft they snap.

Good maintence is making sure the intake is carbon free. If the intake internal are looks carbon free. Leave the intake alone and just run it as is.

From there the intake spacers as you mentioned are a great idea and keep an eye on your carbon and keep an eye on your oil seperator and PCV system.

I say run it.

Can’t wait to see it on the youtube channel.