Mario’s RS5 blew up

Poor owner. Doesn’t deserve this.

You forgot the post right before with a huge nitrous bottle.

Not sure wtf he was thinking hooking up nitrous to this build if infact thats what he did.

I totally forgot he posted that! It was in an elevator and then his passenger seat lol. Was he trying to race that viper?

Sad for the new owner…he’s a nice guy. Hopefully he gets it back up and running and it didn’t take out the turbos in the process. Going to be expensive, especially with Mario’s exorbitant rates.

Anyone talk to the owner of the TT RS5? His car blew up almost a year ago. Haven’t heard anything from him. Haven’t seen his car in Mario’s shop either.

Would you talk to the guy or take the car to guy who sold you a POS time bomb…Lots of money spent to get the car probably no money left to fix the car If I had to guess.