Misc. Grudge Matches

Date: April 06, 2013
Location: HMP - Houston Motorsports Park (1/8th mile)

Car: 68 Camaro
Engine: 540 cu.in.

My buddy Eric told me he had a grudge race set up in Houston so my gf and I took a trip down there to provide support.

Car ran it’s best time of 4.84 @ 145 (1st time this motor has run in this car) beating the previous 5.05 @ 143. He got the holeshot, but his opponent caught him at the very end and lost the race.





Vid notes: There were 2 warm up runs and 1 final run. On both warm up runs the GoPro ended up looking at the sky on the launch. Had to use a wrench to tighten for the last run (trying not to strip the threads) and then the damn thing shuts off during a rev so no full pass with 1st person view.

I will use this thread to upload any more I attend.

Looks like a fun event. I wouldn’t mind have a 5 second car haha

My brain can’t cope with what a 5 sec 1/4 mile feels like. Wow.

It was a lot of fun. The rules on grudge night were pretty lax; I hadn’t been to an event where we could be so close to the cars at staging. This was a 1/8th mile event, but that car is still translating to a 7.6 ish 1/4. He has another grudge set up against the same guy and will be making some additional tweaks.

D lo.

I keep checking back for more…I like the thread idea…keep em coming.

For sure. This spring has started out really busy with just everything life, but I’m hoping to attend some more as well as get more footage. I was in unfamiliar territory at that grudge. I was approaching a mustang that had two front mounted snails big enough to swallow babies, but he shut everything up when I got close enough for video. So I figured I’d observe that event.

We have grudge matches here its nasty like that… b8g big money in it…guys race for crazy money…a fight broke out last year when a unknowing dude took a picture of a grudge cars motor as the guys were replacing spark plugs…its serious

That track is lax! There’s like 15 people hanging out in the staging lanes!