Motor is out. TURBOS

This is my first s4 stage 3 build. I have everything for the build except for turbos and tune. My goal is to be in the low 500whp and keeping stock motor. I was thinking OEM KO4s on E or k24s/JHM with E. E is a little bit of a drive for me (20min) but willing to if the better option. I don’t drag nor track the car, I enjoy the occasional hard pull but not a racer at all.
KO4s or bigger turbos.
Sorry I am new and I now I could spend a much of time looking this up but any help is appreciated.


Stock B5 motors can hold up quite well. The long term line in the same seems to be 450wtq and 500whp so you should be in a good range. A popular turbo has been the JHM RS6r turbo. They run good boost if you lean on them and they pack a good punch over the standard ko4 and other turbos.

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Thank u. Any recommendations for who to use for a tune. I tried brad from German elite but he must be too busy considering how good and well known he is.

Never hear of him so he can’t be that well known. LOL

To be honest there isn’t a lot of mystery any more with tuning those cars. You can really look at most off the shelf offerings. Anything from GIAC / APR / OR JHM. JHM will give you the more adjustment ability as they offer it with a MBC. So your not stuck on the same boost curve all the time.