MQB TTS 034 mount

First if you don’t have the exact car I have take the time to check your mount version (1 or 2). I got my hands on version 1 and I ended up needing Version 2…good thing the wife’s a3 could use the mount :grin:

Unfortunately with the TTS (and I’m going to assume the TT) the belly pan must be dropped in order to access the insert.

It’s…quite a long belly pan, spanning half the car from bumper tip to the backs of the doors.

5 small black screws per side
1 large black screw front and center (has a yellow mark)
3 large silver bolts with washers towards the back (secured with Loc-tite blue)

There are 6 additional bolts at the very back but are not necessary to remove since you should be able to move the belly pan enough to get access to where you need work.

Install the mount, trq to 100ftlbs and button back up!


Update and a little more detailed install:

My order for the proper version came Friday, installed today:
First step, get your car on ramps or jack up both sides (ramps is way easier and less time consuming) As you can see we have an R8 in the garage as well…and to think I don’t have kids…

-it’s for my nephew :wink: putting a red bow on it for Christmas

Here is a panoramic of the underside, again 5 t25 screws on the left, 1 large bolt T25 in the center, and 5 t25 screws on the right.

Remove those ten screws/bolts then use a creeper and slide further down the pan until you see the 3 T40 bolts with washers.

These have loctite on them, so you will have to break them loose. Once done the belly pan can drop in the center allowing you to take it out from the front tabs.

You then have access to the mount

I have some what longish arms, so I just dropped the belly pan on the ground (it’s still attached in the far back) and used my creeper to get as close as I could. Remove the bolt, slide the insert up and in, 034 facing the front of the car and trq back down per the directions.

Once that’s done you will want to slide the front of the belly pan back in place, making sure the tab goes above the front bumper lip, and the holes align. When I’m doing the reinstall I put the black T25 bolt (with yellow mark) back in now to help keep it in place.

Once that’s done I move to the three T40 bolts, using Loctite 242

Put them back in and tighten so the yellow marks on all three line up with the yellow marks right outside the hole (note your washers yellow mark may have shifted when you removed them so it may not line up with the mark on the bolt and hole)

For putting all those T25s back in I recommend picking up one of these adapters. Makes it easy to screw it in by hand and then final tighten with the wrench

Make sure everything looks good and enjoy! Review on NVH and benefits coming up after driving it around some more!

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Nice. Love the new facelift!

Thanks, yep its growing on me more and more (even more than at first where it was enough to drop the coin for it).

Any other mods planned?

got the turbo muffler delete installed didn’t see any change, good thing I got it for cheap and hopefully I see the advantages of the concept after I am tuned.

There aren’t a whole lot of parts out there, I’ve sent the needed information to all tuners and no one seems in a rush to jump on software (understandable too since it’s a lower column car)…so that’s a waiting game, guess it’s not as easy as porting over the maps from the S3.

I had ordered springs just to get a little drop but h&r after the fact said “whoops these don’t work with the magnetic suspension” so they are trying to figure that part out and still haven’t even updated their website correctly.

We finally had winter arrive here in Chicago so car was put away this week so not in a huge rush until more comes out. I’ll probably do a down pipe and intake once I figure out the best route and benefits of it.

Threw a k&n in there at the moment but really just because they were giving away a limited edition hot wheel car with the order and I re-gifted that to my father in law :+1:t2::grin:

Coming along nicely… Love the pic with the “other” Audi on ramps, err cans…

The MKII guys with mag ride rave about the mss kit… Think they’re working on the new platform…

Yeah my father uses the MSS kit and he swears by it.

Yeah I reached out to them about a week or so ago and heavens gotten a reply back yet.

Thats interesting. I dont know if you have a fourtitude account or not but he is always posting on Fourtitude in the MK2 TT section. Maybe send him a PM.

I do, and posted (he is big on the TT UK forum as well) and he got back to me. Work in progress hopefully sometime this summer.

I have money to spend that the wife doest know/care about and there is nothing to spend it on… sucks

LOL yeah thats rough. hang in there im sure you will find something new coming out soon