MRC Tuning Audi R8 V8 Turbo

Single turbo set up, interesting.

Hmm… Is this it?

Or is this someone else in the uk. Smokesauce

That will be my own car

I forgot to post the video but there was a turbo r8 at a runway event in Europe on YouTube last week

That you?

That was the first time we have had it out in anger on the road.

Looks and sounds pretty evil. Maybe you can answer a few questions

What are your thoughts on the limit of power the 4.2 fsi high revving motor can handle?

Does this mean you won’t be tuning the tts twin supercharged r8 4.2?

Are there big differences from the first generation r8 4.2 engine mostly shared with the rs4 and the second generation r8 4.2 engine?

Thanks for sharing the video. Hope it goes well. The r8 is such a special car and it’s great to see some forced induction kits that actually work!

We have not had a 4.2 break because of power or torque - and the r8 is really high torque. This has a flat power curve so I think we are reaching the limit of the cams or heads before you have to force it to make power or do a full engine

We are still doing the tts SC kits. This turbo car has their charge cooler on to test. The SC will be easier, more progressive to drive.

Cams are different on ages - hard to say much more as the turbo car is so different to sc cars.

We were at a 1/4 mile event at the weekend and really struggled with the R8 and grip. Stu could not use WOT until 4th, sometimes 3rd. It was 29 deg C and 32-34 on the dash with around 15-30 minute queue. These were michelin supersports at 20psi. Definitely 10s times in this car when we get it hooked up.

Is that 11.5 @ 132? Thats getting seriously fast. Definitely has the power to go tens in theory but it depends on where that power is if it ever will. We see lots of cars trap 130 or so who struggle and never run 10s for various reasons. Starts becoming a game of chess to make it happen. What fuel were you running?

The 1/8 mile time is that of a car that should run 12.0… And the 330 foot time is the same as my stock rs4…So clearly the driver is fighting the car in the first half / gears 1-2-3, just as you said.

You can hear it on that video at the runway event… The car is spinning in every gear. Torque hits super hard as it spikes after engaging a gear after being in neutral for a couple of tenths.

I imagine the tires are pretty wide out back already but a little more might help .

The r8 has different differential and default sends around 80% of its power to the rear. Very different to the b7 rs4 even which defaults to more like 60 or 66.6% to the rear… Or the b5 which is 50/50 default. Basically the cars gt harder and harder to hook up as you’re becoming more and more rwd like. As you have seen, big power (600+ hp) rwd guys almost never run street tires at the strip.

All in all looks like fun.

best time was 11.5 at 132, the other runs were 11.8 @ 135.57, and 11.54 at 135.48mph.

It has too much torque for grip in first 3 gears. This car grips better on a normal road than it did on the track, our b8 s4 was wheelspinning in 1st which we don’t get on the road.

This is on Tesco 99 ron which we find to be better than shell vpower in this country on this car.

325 wide tyres and it is 80/20 split.

The V10 R8 Heffner twin turbo was struggling with grip on R888s as well, and doing similar trap speeds.

Yeah the track ‘prep’ is really for slicks, not for streets. I find it more slippy than a nice rough road surface. I can do a 50 foot long burnout in my RS4 on the track if I’m not careful, and I’m making probably 300 less hp than you!

It takes some time and finesse. The MPH is there which is great. Looking forward to seeing you guys advance the R8 4.2.

p.s. doing this on pump gas is pretty incredible. No other Audi has even approached this on pump gas. Not even close.