MRC twin supercharger Video

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nice find, good work by tts

Yeah no doubt that looks pretty bad ass… Can’t wait to see how it moves out… thanks for sharing…

C3891 x 2? If so that will be interesting. And by interesting I mean insane.

I can’t imagine it is though.

I am most excited to see what kind of power it makes. Unfortunately it looks really early in the product’s life. Depending where you stand on the pro-life debate, it may not even be a life yet…looks like they’re still in conceptualization.

Wonder if they’ll fit a variation of that in the RS5/RS4 (B8) twin intake 4.2 FSI.

Just watched the vid on the dyno. From 6500-7500 took about 1.75 seconds. So about 590 RPM/second through there. pretty solid, but not crazy. I think APR’s kit averages about 750 rpm/sec through the whole range, a bit lower nearest redline. So the MRC car likely has a way to go in tuning etc. I’ve included a log of my reasonably quick RS4, bone stock. That was done in ice cold air, so perfect conditions really.

p.s. anyone else wondering why MRC is claiming it as their own? Video is titled MRC twin supercharged Audi R8. I guess they tuned it…but I would call that a TTS car.

I reckon that’ll be DJPESRS4/TTSRS4/danny’s car if I were a betting man.

edit: at the end of the video it says C38-61 superchargers. That makes more sense, and the performance is starting to make sense too.

My Stock RS4 log. Note the RPM/second up above 6000. About 520/second from 6500-7500.

from their assfacebook page

Saki, how do you add the RPM/Sec data when doing a log? My last log had that column titled “marker” but it was empty.

I added a column in EXCEL.

I use the marker column.

=(C50-C46)/(B50-B46) for example. Takes RPM vs time over a 4 cell span. Smoothes it out a little. I do it through the range to see where the car starts falling on its face. Fun way to compare your car to previous logs. See effects of mods, or weather or whatever you want. Doesn’t work well to compare vs. other cars, but it’s all we have for the R8 in question so it’s fun to do.

On my B7 S4, I believe I was around 450 RPM/sec from 3k to 7k stock or something and closer to 525 when modded. I should look it up. Do we have a log thread here? I think we try to suppress this type of discussion or comparison because some dork will always log straight down a mountain and not disclose it in order to make his tuner/car look great. Of course that won’t happen here.

beemercer was thinking of writing a program of some sort that would sort out the log file for you. Not sure he still wants to.

Good stuff, looking forward to seeing some video if that car at the strip and some pulls like the UGR videos have.

FWIW I emailed MRC a link to this thread, maybe they’ll chime in and get some discussion going about what looks like an interesting build. I remember they posted on here before but forget under what username. Or was that someone from TTS?

that was TTS.

I’m still planning on it, it’d be an excel macro nothing too complex. I do a lot of vba work at my job so my motivation to work on it at home is limited

A quick google search and up pops this thread :slight_smile:

Yes its very early days at the moment. the car only hit the dyno on christmas eve. its currently on stock 400 cell pre cats and has an apt exhaust fitted with 100 cell post cats. pre cats are a problem as we expected but wanted to test with them in first. The kit is fitted with twin c38-61 superchargers which are capable of around 1700cfm (rs4 kit was single c38-91, around 1100 cfm) the main aim of running 2 superchargers is not to make silly high peak power but to make boost sooner and pump up the midrange curve over the rs4 kit. example being 100Nm up on the rs4 @ 5000rpm. saying that we have already seen 700+ on a restricted boost level.

details will come as and when but we now have a small delay while we wait for some parts to continue testing. but initial results are looking very very good indeed.

Saki, please remeber that when comparing rpm/sec between different kits you would need to know what load was applied to the dyno & what gear it was run in :wink:

The kit is a TTS Performance kit developed for one of their customers (it is not danny). It has been in design and build for a few months. It has spent 50 hours on the dyno so far, with the runs being quicker, less load, than we like to run because the clutch (original) does not like being loaded too much. The runs are done in 5th on the dyno, so comparing to a time on the road doesnt mean anything yet.

Third gear I’m guessing?

Product looks pretty awesome guys. Can’t wait to see it get off the ground. Well… Figuratively not literally!

P. S. You should do a saved Google search and have Google email you whenever a hit for your search pops up. If I owned one of these businesses I would definitely want to know what’s being said about my company.

will there be continuing work on the rs4 kit as well or is it being left as is?

no the rs4 kit is staying as is. it is already the most powerfull rs4 kit on the market and tbh we put such effort into getting the best out of the available space the first time around I doubt we could get much more out of it anyway. the only real improvment that could be gained from those kits would be to run better fuel or to cool the charge with water meth ect. but for most people who have the kit 620+ps is plently for a road car :slight_smile:

Would be nice to hear some information on your B8 S4 developments. The MRC stage 2 car absolutely boatraced the REVO car in that one video form GTI international.

x2. I recall reading a couple times about some impressive times from a mrc b8s4 but nothing after that.

At that event it ran 460ps ish on a pulley, extra pump, reservoir. It ran consistent times at that event the 2 days at 11.8. The other car without pulley, has slow gear changes, you can hear the fart noises instead of crisp changes. We only finished stage 2 with pulley at end of last year. So we will take it to 1/4 mile when it opens, as it is faster thAn that event now. You need to split this into another thread so it doesn’t clog up the r8 talk

Very nice!! The packaging looks great. Would a similar setup work on the V10 motor, or is the spacing too tight?