My 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo thread…


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Why 2 threads?

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But Primetime is special. My bigger question is where are the pictures?

My apologies… I deleted it, sorry to waste the bandwidth it won’t happen anymore…

Saki was just busting your balls. I don’t care if there is two threads and this site doesn’t have that much traffic anyways. Plus I didn’t get to read all of your post. I would like to see pictures too.

Where is the other thread, I’m in for as am at as possible possibly create Porsche revolution.:wink:

Sorry guys, been very very busy with work and life… I’ve taken the Macan to the track a few times… Best so far is a 12.59 at 107 with a 1.70 60ft time… Just enjoying driving it…

Car: 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo, 4,785 miles, bone stock, full weight including spare and tools with about 1/8th tank of 93 pump gas. Options that may matter: Chrono, PTV, SE AS, 20 inch spyder wheels with a/s tires. 39R 36F. Traction control off

Conditions: Track 1,230 feet Temp 44.1 BP 30.17 RH 76% for a DA of 342 which is very very good! Should have taken my S4 and tried to get an 11.2x, oh well, it’s not running right now:)~

Can’t wait for GIAC to release a tune!

1.7055 60ft(almost an 1.6x 60ft but not quite)
5.1232 330ft
7.9974 1/8th
85.20 1/8th mph
10.4870 1000ft
12.5957 ¼ ET
107.09 mph

Vid of this run and a few others…



Which is more fun to drive :wink: with a tune this is easily a 11.5-11.8 car all day long. Cool 3.0 liters right one with turbos one with SC. Not a ton of lag felt I bet in the macan wth those options and pdk.

Can I choose the 5 cylinder? lol S4 is funner but the Macan is much much nicer in just about every way… It actually handles better as well… Oh and it’s a 3.6 liter motor, same motor as the S and GTS but stroked for more displacement ;D Just need GIAC to release a tune and I think you’re right it will be high to mid 11’s depending on fuel, of course I’ll run the race tune if they make it… lol

It’s funny he 5 cyl sounds better in about every car. Only turbo car less than 10 cyl I would do is any of Audi rs variants or I guess a rs7 if you twisted my arm :wink:

Was wondering where you disappeared to Ron. I’ve been pretty busy myself, haven’t had time to take the s4 out to the track at all this season.

But that’s a pretty nice time for bone stock. Looks like you lined up against my daily driver on your best pass!

Thats not too bad for the everyday driver. With a tune it will really wake up if its like all the other P cars. I thought APR also made software for porsche cars. It would be interesting to see if they have anything for that.

How dose the porsche compair to something like a Q5 the Q5 can be made pretty quick with the 3.0 modified.

Thanks man! Hoping to have my S4 at the track soon… Will be very interesting ;D

Justin, Thanks! Yeah, I can’t wait for a tune… Many of the guys are going with piggy’s but I haven’t seen any take it to the dragstrip and I’ll wait for a real tune. One guy claimed a 12.0 but never posted a slip after being asked numerous times… There is one guy in Florida with a piggy on his turbo and is supposed to go this week or next… I think with a good tune only it should get into the 11’s albeit very high 11’s. I think a tune, filter, and dp’s you get mid 11’s especially if someone makes a race gas tune… APR does make software for some Porsches but they told me they highly doubt they’ll be making a tune for this, but will see. I plan to go GIAC if/when they release as I know they make good tunes and I told APR and to be honest they agreed if we don’t make it GIAC is the best choice…

The Macan shares 10% of the parts with the Q5. The Turbo, which I have, has a 3.6 motor but it’s stroked so it’s the same motor as the 3.0 they put in the S and GTS. I don’t know if it has the same turbos. As for differences obviously the Q5 is supercharged vs turbo on the macan. The Macan as air suspension, tq vectoring difs, and DSG so it’s really much sportier IMO, but it also costs 30-40K more… The fit and finish on the Porsche is incredible and the seats are awesome. Is really a great vehicle. With a good tune a Turbo Macan will kill the Q5 3.0 stage whatever… Once I tunes available you know I’ll prove it… lol

Will see though as I’m now in love with the new R8. lol I may give the wife the Porsche and dump her Q5 and daily my S4 so I have room for the R8. I met with the GM at the dealership I deal with and I think they are willing to give me the discount I want but I need to wait until July to order anyway as I entered the Ford GT pool and while I highly doubt I get to purchase one, if I do I won’t to tie up that much cash as the market has been too good to me lately. First world problems! lol Hope all is well with you!

Love everything you just said, I actually love the Porsche and all 911s especially the new gt3, but I’d still need a r8 or other v10 fix in the driveway as it’s just a slightly different experience, especially mid engined even though it might be slower I like driving slow cars fast?

The ford GT is great! ;D


Why did you delete Prime?!

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