My custom sub enclosure

Hello everyone.
Here is something I have been working on for some time now.
A custom box fitted for the b7 that fits in place of the storage compartment located in the trunk on the drivers side.
Take a look.
Test fitted the box:

Fitted the front:

Back view:

Made some adjustments:

Tested fitment of sub:

Make sure sub opening is centered:

Now, for the final process.

Some sanding:

Final stage:
Added some carpet on the front.

Here are some random shots to show how it sits.

For reference how I have the box secured:
Using these from left to right to mount the box from moving. You can use whatever size you desire.

I cut this one. It was 2".

Here is where the bolt is going. As you see, that’s the hole I drilled to fit the bolt.

It goes through the hole here

Thanks for looking.

That is good work. It looks like you used bondo on the outside was the box that you started with fiberglass.

Correct you are sir. That was my first gen enclosure.
I have now moved on from that and have a new mold made.

This one here is for sale now as I won’t be building this model anymore.

There was a company that used to make these but I can’t remember the name off hand. It was a nice product, made out of marine grade fiberglass. I had them build one slightly more robust for me as I used it for a 10" W7. Great spot for a subwoofer though.

I had bought one off one of those sites as well. It was well made, so I decided to go my route and adventure out for one on the driver’s side of the trunk. Theirs was for the pass side. I didn’t like it at all the way it stuck out in the trunk.


This is what it looks like completely installed with a 10" sub. For those that like their trunk space like I do. This will be one of the routes to go.