My custom sub enclosure

Hello everyone.
Here is something I have been working on for some time now.
A custom box fitted for the b7 that fits in place of the storage compartment located in the trunk on the drivers side.
Take a look.
Test fitted the box:

Fitted the front:

Back view:

Made some adjustments:

Tested fitment of sub:

Make sure sub opening is centered:

Now, for the final process.

Some sanding:

Final stage:
Added some carpet on the front.

Here are some random shots to show how it sits.

For reference how I have the box secured:
Using these from left to right to mount the box from moving. You can use whatever size you desire.

I cut this one. It was 2".

Here is where the bolt is going. As you see, that’s the hole I drilled to fit the bolt.

It goes through the hole here

Thanks for looking.