My S6 Full build from start till now

here is my S6. im second owner. it have 109k miles.

Model: 2007 S6
Color: White

OEM all time short intake path
K&N filters
removed 4 silencer and replaced 2 muffler

and one thing i did… on left air filter box, under fender, there is intake silencer. i take it out, opened. and inside is sponge and around is rubber, so there is no air flow. i take it all out and now is full flow, and after that, when i open throtle it makes some -seriouslypowerful lets go play- sound

air pipe is going from air box like this red line

and small helpful thing i made…

i had same issue with manifold, what i did, brake off all that crap and im driving it for a year like that, and there is no issue with performance, on dyno show 32hp+ without this flaps

so, i had that ZF Lurch, 1 or 2 not shure anny more, but its gone now. what mechanic did. change torque converter, flywheel, balance shaft, and some another stuf, oil pump and valves in gear box inspected and all OK, i will upload video of torque converter.

S6 V10 Torque converter

Love your seats. Nice little mods and service you did! On the flapper I experienced loss of tq at low rpm when jt was stuck open .

wow great thread great car and great mods.

On the intake silencer can you check more into that. From what I recently read its not actually a silencer but a sound transfer device to help actually bring in the motor noise into the car. If you check the finial pluming it should have actually ended in the cabon. Also if it was a silencer wouldnt it be on both sides of the intake…

Didnt you post the dyno results with and without the flaps before

I did, but now I need to go again because its working totally different than before. with bad torque-con, for example, drive 60m il/h and wanna Little accelerate, RPM jumped to some about 200-500 up and dropped again like it have some delay for engage,it is no more like that. also removed the small plate from the intake just before valve. balance shaft, had worn bearing, resulting in creaking sound, and the two sprockets also had worn on the body. Oil pan is removed. cleaned of residue oil, the engine washed and placed 11 liters of oil.

sounds like you might have had a few issues. That rpm jump would have been the tq converter not locking properly so its good you swapped that out.

let us know when you find out more.

After big service car is totally different, there is no more revs jumping, its pulling straight, but i still had check engine light on, but. i take it to one guy who did remap and he say that there was some issue with ecu-2, someone before try to remap it but unsuccessful and it was loosing power. Now there is no check engine anymore after 500km. for couple weeks I’m taking it on dyno. Car engine is now more smoothly and better response, also its pulling better. For example, before, manual shifting - up hill 10miles- 2 gear Through corners, third for little more straight road - awerage consumption about 17liters. Now after remap, drive style same, awerage consumption about 23liters. Difference of performance is huge. And one thing, normally driving with little sport mode, average distance with 60liters its the same like before, no huge change, about 450km.
next project is change complet exhaust, cat-back with custom mufflers with flaps.

can anyone tell me would brembo 18z calipers from Audi q7 fit on s6 on 19"wheels, bolt on bolt, like these form picture[17].jpg

Great to hear.

I did mention the tune scam that get people get caught up in. The carbon and full service of the car will yield great results with better fuel eccomomy and smoother performance. This was a thing with the RS4 where guys would yield big gains with carbon cleans and maintance and not any gains from the tunes.

Still its good to hear that your car is running well. It will be interesting to hear how the car does on the dyno.

The 18z should not bolt up. They are for a 350mm rotor and the stock S6 rotors are 385mm. It’s plausible to swap a 350mm rotor and use the 18z I guess… but that’s far too much work for what will end up being a cosmetic upgrade.

I think the only bolt on would be the C6 RS6 brembos. The C7 S6 style should also fit, but no one has confirmed this and has been debated a bit…

last upgrade was change OEM lenses with clear one from The Retrofit Source

for take out projector, it was needed to unscrew 4 bolt. it is possible without taking headlights out.

here is projector, on lens is visible like thin mist, I wiped with white rag and it was black after

clean one

first, unbent this small things, they holding a spring ring under lens (here is already new lens)

this is that ring, just take it out with small screwdriver and slide lens out (here is already new lens)

look thru oem lens

new clear lens

look thru projector

and back in, this was little harder job, to put it bac it must go ona angle and use little force, nothing is broken or damage, tide up 4 bolts and finish

low beam

high beam

Nice job. After you wiped off the old lens would it be good or much better. The new lens looks sharper.

I’ve noticed recently my headlights don’t seem to be putting out the light output that i’m happy with so just ordered up a set of those lenses and will see how much they help :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to hear your before and after thoughts on this.

Nice interesting mod with the lenses, i noticed too for Xenon lighting the throw is really poor. I bought some Osram Nightbreaker’s to see if that helps. if there is no improvement there ill go for a pair of these lenses.

Yeah, I can already tell that the bulbs are at a different point in their life, so obviously the previous owner didn’t replace them both when one went out. I’m going to see how much the lenses help, and then order up some new OSRAM D2S bulbs, i’ll try and snap before/after pics of the light output from both the lenses alone, and then the bulbs, but don’t have the best location for consistent light pics (no garage… yet).

The difference for me is hughe, specially when road is wet or raining, much better view on road

today finali take time to put JHM Intake Spacers (8mm thick)…

it took me an hour to pull out intake out from car, from first part to last, for putting all back about 1.5h

then litle upgrade- heat shield wrap tape

first layer



two pipes conected together for collant water…


Wow that looks great. Add in the red painted intake and gold heat foil under and its crazy good. That gold heat foil really works. I ended up putting that on my intake. The spacers do a great job but adding that little extra but really helps take it to that next level. When you get a chance report back after you had a chance to thrash on the car and feel the intake manifold to see just how big of a difference the modifications made. Its a pretty serious difference
Watch “S6V10” on

Did you add an exhaust of some sort or?