Need a new front bumper

So last Thursday I had a hit and run on my 2008 S6 and my front bumper got damaged to the point it needs to be replaced. My insurance is taking their sweet time getting back to me on getting the work done so I decided to find myself a bumper and fix it.

The downside to this is I was off work for 3 months due to a severe infection and hospital stay so I can’t afford a brand new bumper.

Is it possible that an A6 front bumper will fit on the S6? There is a local pull it yourself yard that has a 2006 A6 in their yard. Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated.

What a coincidence. Someone hit me in march also same spot

I heard there was a store who sold new and primed bumper covers for cheap like 350 ea, god I cant recall their name! When I do I’ll post

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Thanks man! I had someone back into me last year and they broke the plastic above my license plate but I plan on getting a RS6 grill anyway.

An A6 bumper would fit because I’m using an A6 while I’m fixing my original custom s6 bumper that got destroyed by some girl hitting me head on but I honestly more then certain you could fix that with some fiberglass and filler.

My side pieces with the bolt were ripped clean off and I put them back with back with fiberglass and they are fine.

Fiberglass would be a cheaper option as long as your willing to spend some time doing it.

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This is how it looked originally to how it looks now

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I may have to mess with that option. Thanks for the info!

Yeah just give it a shot sand around the side piece and wrap it with fiberglass like twice then let it dry and sand it down and use filler and after try the bumper on the car or just bend the side piece to make sure it’s good and doesn’t crack or anything and then just prime and paint the small section after.

Just note fiberglass is very messy and smelly

Personally If I was in your situation I would at least try to fix it since its a very small part.

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