Need help please!

I am trying to get the heat shield for the axle on the drives side off, I got the 2 outside nuts off but the middle on on the top I can’t get a socket over. I can get a regular wrench on it but can’t get enough room to get it broke loose. The issue is the exhaust manifold and the heat shield itself don’t give enough room for the socket. Any ideas? At this point I’m on about an hour and a half of fighting this one but I’m beat on it.

I think I tried a small extension with a swivel on a 13mm something crazy I did and I got it off and I never put that middle nut back on after

Somewhat similar to Sprawwl, I used small extension, and u-joint, but it was far from perfect fit, so took some time, could only get like 1/8 of before it slipped, but it did work in the end, with some patience and pretty basic tools. I did soak in quite some penetrant, just to help out with the loosening, since it was such a tight space to work with.

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That’s what I was trying last night and I just couldn’t get that socket straight enough on the nut to get it broke free. I’m going to try a Crows foot (possibly with a swivel) and an extension and see if I can get it off there tonight. If that doesn’t work I may take a socket and do some DIY tool making. Appreciate the advise!

You could try taking out gearbox mount and try lowering it just a little bit

I am wondering what you are taking the shield off for.
I managed to get mine off with a second pair of hands and a long extension with a universal joint.

Good luck

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Ended up having to put a jack under the exhaust manifold and put a decent amount of pressure to give it a bigger gap and could just barely get a socket to it. @DC-S6 I had to take that off to get to 2 of the 3 bolts holding the power steering pump in.

I got the pump installed and put some fluid in and started the car before getting everything else back together to check for leaks and one of the hoses were spraying all of the fluid out immediately. Not sure where the hose was leading to or from cause I ran out of time right after. Anyone know before hand what hose this is. I believe this is the hose it was coming from.

I believe that’s the high pressure line that has like nut attacked on the front to screw it on. Um let me find a diagram in a bit

I believe that’s the line your talking about right?