New Intake Mods

I recently had my throttle body fail and after talking with Jake, I decided that it would be a waste of money to purchase a stock throttle body when I am in the middle of putting together my next stage of my build, especially since new is retailing for $1,000+.

So last Saturday I started the task of pulling my Y-Pipe, APR bipipes, fuel rail and intake manifold.

I then headed in and proceeded to place my order for 034 bipipes, 034 Phenolic Spacers and 80mm Hemi Throttle Body. My buddy had a brand new IE Adaptor Plate and TB boot that he never used, so I got a smoking deal there.

80mm vs. stock TB

Adaptor Plate

Tomorrow, I will grab my tools from work and hopefully I can complete this as my Saturday project.

After trying to get this spacer to fit with no success, I bought another intake manifold and have since sent it out to the machine to have the 90mm spacer welded in place of the stock 65mm opening. I will post more pics as I start this project up again.