New issue with intake manifold....

…I looked inside with a mirror and noticed that the very end of the flaps arm is loose. There’s a plastic ring that goes around and holds the arm. This ring is embedded into the manifold itself. This ring was floating around inside one of the valves.
In order to fix this, the manifold would have to be split open, at that point I would just completely delete the flaps. How do I open the manifold? I took out all the bolts but it seems that the two halve are glued with super bondo weld stuff.

watch that video. It’s helped a lot of people.

Thank you very much for the video. Yes, it really helped.
I have a some questions:
Once I take it apart will it be clear as to which one the short runners are?
He talks about epoxy them shut. I’m wondering what kind of epoxy would be appropriate to use that would withstand the temps, oil, etc.?


When I took my first intake part. I took 3 zip ties connected them and fed them though the opening where the intake meets the heads. This shows the air path through the intake and shows how the runner flaps create a short and long runner.

Once you do that it will make a lot more sense.

I found using 3M Scotch-Weld DP125 works super well for me. I like it for the high sheer and tensile strength. Temp wise it seems to hold up nice. I usually put a small coat of paint over the welds to keep any oil from penetration. While I know its highly unlikely that would happen I just like to use that as a final step.

I deleted the flaps altogether. I plan to buy a new IM by end of year, most probably from JHM again. I like those guys.
Thanks for all the responses and your immense help.