New member with the V10 bug

Hi there
I have been on here lots over the last couple of months learning as much as I could before buying a 2008 S8, so thanks to everyone for the great info. The car is black cherry pearl and seems to be in really good shape even more so considering its at 187000km. VCDS had some really old codes so after saving the original scan i cleared them all to see what would come back. So far the only things are the rear footwelll heaters that seem to be a problem on every car, a bad hall sensor in 1 rear parking brake motor, a short to ground on the map controlled thermostat and a very intermittent leak in the evap system. Seems pretty good from what I have read others have had for issues. The evap code was one of the old codes and has popped up once in 2 weeks of driving. The thermostat I am not sure if the short is in the heating element or in the wiring but for now I have it unplugged so the engine will come up to operating temp. I did the stick your phone in the back of the intake with the Y section off and was pleasantly surprised to find all of the runner flaps intact and functioning well. I assume that this means it has been changed at some point but I have no info on that or when a carbon clean was done if at all. With that in mind I will have to pull the intake and be sure of the carbon situation. Seems like a good time to install some JHM goodies!

Anyone know of any promotional codes running at JHM right now? Its gonna be a pricey order and with the dollar exchange its even worse so any savings are helpful

Lots of 5.2 guys on here. Also don’t be afraid to post on or in the S6 section. S8 wise there was a small production number so since about 90% of the S6 and S8 parts are the same. You will get and see about the same results to questions or issues.

Sounds like a healthy S8 and that’s a good thing. Also don’t be afraid to call your local dealership and see if there are any service records for the car. In some cases you will have to drive into the dealership for them to print them off. That can be very helpful if you don’t feel like getting a car fax.

Pulling the intake once you have an idea on everything is not too bad. And that is a great time to get the JHM treatment.

Now that JHM has the TCU Tune it makes the S8 even better. The down side was that some of the S8 cars had restrictive TCU software and you can feel the TCU fighting at times. The JHM intake spacers still continue to be one of the best mods for the money maintenance and power wise. The lower under hood temps and better running conditions is something you will see.

Generally if you go and do a big order with JHM on several products. They tend to try and help. To be honest JHM has been really good to the community support and product wise. Try getting an order together then email the V10_at_JHmotorsports email. Let them know what your looking to order and see if they can help. Let them know they’re usually eager to try and help anyone but with bigger orders I’ve heard they try on any order but. Either way its worth a try