New Project

Been awhile since I last posted anything. I haven’t done a lot to my car since installing the 034 y-pipe, just maintenance and driving. I have been wanting to finish up the engine on my car so I can at least have the trap speed of a 10 second car (doubtful my launching/driving ability will ever get there, but who knows, sometimes a blind squirrel can find a nut). On one of the local B5 FB pages, a gentleman had a BEL block from a 2003 Allroad that had 54,000 miles. 2 hour drive and $400 later, I am the proud parent of a new engine (well new to me).

Plans are, if the pistons are good (option 1): new oe rings, ie h beam rods (with rifle drilling), 2.8 heads, 2.8 intake cams, oe osvat intake/exhaust valves, stock springs, stock retainers, Rs4 intake manifold/throttlebody, White Dog V-Banded Bi-Pipe, balance the rotating assembly and obviously a retune from JHM.

If the pistons are bad (option 2), je pistons and pauter rods will be added as well as boring it over 1.5mm to a 2.8L, and all the other options from above, just adds time to the project as the wife will not be very happy about the additional $2k in parts and however much more in machining (though I am quite comfortable in the dog house by now).

If all is good, I have budgeted for option 1 already. Hopefully, between this weekend and next, I can get the block disassembled and ready to be shipped to the machinist.