New S3 1/4 mile.

Wasn’t too sure where to post this, just had it pop up on my news feed.

Quite impressive!


Non certified track event = fun but not official. That’s in Colombia

Oh and I fucking HATE hashtags


I’d prefer a real track as well but pretty impressive… What’s the total mod list? pretty nice 60 ft time as well… 113 trap… I’m sure we’ll see plenty of times with these cars soon… I know there is one local too me that is already tuned… Hopefully, I’ll see him at Thompson… Rained out this past weekend but hopefully Sat.

Mods he had. I know it wasn’t a standard track, but quite a good time still.

Yeah for sure it’s a great little platform for going quick. Anyone know what they weigh?

I can’t wait to see an RS3 sedan, with DSG, and a bit more boost than stock. That will be pretty hilarious because I reckon the STOCK RS3 sedan will threaten 11s with good fuel. The modified ones (stage 1-2) will likely be in the 11.5 @ 120 range.

I’ve heard 3200lbs

yeah that car is going to scream!!!

For comparison, a MK7 Golf R with Stage 1 on 93 octane, only hardware upgrade is intake. It was in the U.S. which looks to be a proper track (based on the slip) but it’s partial and not sure which track…I would imagine PBIR :slight_smile:


Surprised noone on this forum has one of these yet. I know some people locally have moved from s4s, and even an rs5 to this.

auditude does I think