New Section/Subsection Requests - A6 C7 only


I’m new here and a bit lost. I have a6 c7 with 3.0T - tried to find few things in my section but it’s merged A6 with S6. A6 C7 have many configurations from engine/transmissions to body components/panels depending on year. Is it possible to separate that section to accommodate just A6 C7?

I’ve done few things to my a6 already, most are posted on AZ but i can always share my experience here if it could help


The C7 A6 is a great looking car. I think with this being a more private tight nit forum with a more personal toutch that the mods would open up a C7 section but since there are not a ton of C7 guys it makes more sense for now to just post in the A6 section. The one thing you can do is make just put in your signiture that your car is a C7 A6 3.0T.

I would love to hear what you have done to the car the 3.0T motor is really impressive…