New to the B5, need suggestions for build

So I own an 07 Rs4 and a close friend of mine bought a B5 S4 for 300.00. Blown turbos and 200k on the clock. Its at my shop and ill be helping with the build.

Currently the car has a GIAC tune that eill be getting sold in favor of stage 3 plus tuning. APR diverter valves, and an RS4 clutch.

We are pulling the engine and checking all tolerances and changing bearings, rings etc. Everything will be cleaned blasted painted etc. On the fence about doing rods, he is only going with SRM billet Rs6 ko4s. Are rods necessary for this, or will the stock ones hold up?

Heads, he is looking at getting an RS4 intake manifold and building a set of 2.8 heads. I have heard mixed reviews on this, with K04s the head and intake wont matter that much. Someone please add to this as well.

Here is the list so far

SRM billet RS6 k04s
SRM inlets
SRM downpipes
ARP head and main studs
Samco hose kit
Replace all gaskets, seals bearings timing components etc (basic rebuild)
Catback of some sort still undecided (car was partially parted out when he got it)

Need suggestions for intercoolers, fueling and tune. For the sake of doing a very OEM build, hes leaning towards RS4 intercoolers.

Open to any and all suggestions. Im a bit bummed i didnt buy the car myself, i know once its done it will beat my RS4. But it will never sound like it.