Looks like AOA added it to the site so it’s official… I like it but hate the rims… Easy fix though…

yeah, those are ugly. Looks like someone forgot to put the centre caps back on.

Yep… Literally what I thought as well…

ya…dunno wtf they were thinking…RS3’s are horrid as well

Is TT-RS really 300 pounds lighter than RS3? Listed at 3306 lbs vs. 3593 lbs.

I really think either of these is the car to get. The B9 is good as an Allroad, but the S4/S5 are a let down. It feels more like the previous A6 in terms of size and comfort.

$74k is no joke. That is more than my Boxster with the suspension mods and 2 sets of aftermarket wheels.

With out seeing specs I’d have guessed 200lbs but yeah it’s much lighter… They’re 64,900 but I’m assuming the one you’ve built is 74K… What I don’t like is you can’t get the B&O w/o the rest of the tech pack… VC is standard so most of the rest of the tech pack isn’t needed at least not for me… They are just starting to show at the dealers along with RS3’s…

Tesla 75D is actually cheaper.

Already in the 10’s with just beta tune… WOW!

that’s outrageous. Modifying cars is becoming pretty intense these days.

did they talk at all anywhere about octane etc? there were a few mid-high 11 second times stock in that thread

nobody really talked octane

No I didn’t see anything… Guessing he had another great DA… The one dude who went 11.4x had the car gutted but no one mentions that… lol He has a “9.x” A3… Oh but it’s never been to the dragstrip because he’s too busy… Yet he takes the RS…

Still guessing a good ecu/tcu tune, cat delete, catback will net mid 10’s on race gas! Pretty impressive for sure… Not a fan of the new look RS, checked one out at the dealer and just couldn’t stomach it, I think the MKII is much better looking… JMHO…

I saw this on a Facebook Audi Build group. Unitronic claims that the stage 1+ beta ECU tune is just 93 octane.

yeah, I like the smoother lines of the mkii. the new one is a bit jagged. Seems the company is going that way.

This is why I just usually yawn at stuff like this. I can’t stand people who hide what they really did and no offence to anyone but “beta” stage 1+ all sounds like a tune that won’t get sold to the actual people and sounds more like a tune just meant to run a number.

Ive always loved the 2.5 motors and I think they are even sexier than the new 3.0T motors so results with these cars is kinda fun to watch but not when it all seems kinda sketchy. Any news on when APR will have something.

Why is there a $10k premium in price on the TT-RS over the RS3???

I am going to try and figure it out but wtf

sports cars are always priced as a premium at Audi

i.e. RS5 vs RS4

Also, go look at a base model TT vs. a base model A3. Same deal.

Low productions quantities mean the costs of development, marketing and production preparation are to be spread over less units sold…= more expensive.

Ya good point. Economies of scale, and the coupe premium.

I found that the TT-RS has:

  • Audi’s Virtual Cockpit

“Still, there are differences. The RS3 is a much heavier car—3,593lbs/1,630kg vs. 3,306lbs/1,500kg)—so straight-line performance is a little blunted, giving up 0.3 seconds in the dash to 60mph. It’s a bigger car, too, with five inches (127mm) more between front and rear axle. However, it has a narrower front and rear track (the distance between wheels on the same axle), and, perhaps most critically, it wears slightly narrower tires at the rear. (If you don’t spec the Dynamic plus package then all four tires are narrower than the TT-RS’.)”

Dude in vegas with the gutted RS went 10.76 at 126.71 in shitty DA… I believe he has downpipe, removed secondary cats, and ecu/tcu tune. No idea on what was or wasn’t in the car? Impressive cars these beasts are… Should see sub 10.5x with good air…

Primetime thanks for the updates on this. I wont click on AZ links but its always interesting to keep up with cars I think are neat and I have always liked the 2.5 motor cars. and I have always loved the TTs going back to the gen 1 model.

Please keep us uptodate if you can.

So I understand the one guy went 11.4 and then 10.7 I assume the 11.4 was stock gutted and the 10,7 was tuned.

I haven’t even seen one yet lol. Pretty crazy performance though.

Crazy results with just a tune!

Now they need to remake the quattro, or new R6 - put this engine in it with a couple electric motors on the rear wheels and we have the perfect car!!!