Newbie, tune and RS4

Hi all,
My first post in this forum, just thought I’d introduce myself quickly.
I’m Michael from UK I own a RS4 B8
It has all Audi options except pan alto roof.

I run alot down Santa Pod Dragstrip and my best time is a 12.4 @110
I will upload videos and some time slips once figured out this site.

Couple of questions I have
Is there a RS4 B8 section or do I have to be that guy that jumps on the other RS sections.

I’m also wondering if there is other B8 RS4 owners here that have managed to gain more performance from the engine. Specifically around ECU flashing. I’m very keen on the JHM stage 2 ECU but no dealers in UK do in house flashing. So it looks like I’m going to have to do it alone. I see others here have used JHM parts so I’m interested in any thoughts. Especially RS5 owners as that’s the map that I’ll be using on my car.
Of course if any RS4 owners have used any tunes on there’s also. Seems not many people here in UK do anything with the B8 RS4.

I suppose other than that if interested in seeing my quarter mile runs please let me know how to do it haha I’ll happily post them on here.

Interesting to know where everyone is in the world too

The RS4 guys are in the RS5 forum due to the fact that so many of the parts are interchangeable from a performance aspect.

I haven’t counted but there are a LOT of RS4 guys in the UK on here and almost all of them are JHM tuned. From what I remember reading almost all of them well into the 11s for 1/4 mile times.

I know JHM is very active in the UK for a number of reasons especially due to the currency gain. You don’t need to flash at a dealer with the JHM stuff. You can flash in your driveway it’s super easy.

If you do wish. Everyone on this forum is SUPER layed back and all about helping. So feel free to pop into the RS5 forum. Everyone will be very welcoming.

Mick welcome, I’ll add on to what Justin just said, since your looking for performance and the RS4 has the same CFSA engine as the RS5 jump into the RS5 section. Maybe contact SteveRS4 as he is a UK owner very active here and he’s got the JHM tune and I think he’s done the their Aluminum DSG flywheel as well as lightweight Crankshaft & Alternator pulley’s. One of the UK guys may be able to let you borrow their JHM tuning cable that lets you upload the ECU & TCU tunes once you’ve purchased the software.

Thanks guys really appreciate this. I’ll introduce myself into the RS5 section. I have noticed this seems best place for me. JHM so far have been great with me and hopefully I can get the tune end of this month. I was going to just buy the cable. They say it’s easy to do and JHM have sent me a tutorial.

11s is exactly what I want to be getting on the strip.

I’ll jump in the other section now.
I only realised a few weeks ago how similar the RS5 is. I knew I was missing something when came to tuning the RS4 I just need to be looking at RS5s haha

My 4th Audi now love them.

Anyhow thanks again guys and hopefully see you in the RS5 section