Nice to see some members here!

Whats up all, I am Peter I always living in the S6 forum but I also have an '18 ttrs I use for the most part as a track only car. The TTRS is likely hands down the best car I could possibly own, I will never sell it. It is an absolute insane track monster that usually destroys 99% of the whips at time attacks and HPDEs. But that is what quattro life is like, sometimes have to pay to play a little bit. This budget supercar is going to make many people sad while I I am owning it :wink:

Car is currently stock with camber plates, aggressive alignment, lowering springs, LW wheels, 275/35/18s, high temp pads and fluid, rs3 ducts, ss lines. Tracked it 12 days this way this year.

Today I ordered the 350mm rear kit, catted downpipe, mid pipes, 4" intake, and 4" inlet.

My plan is to track it with stock tune and bolt ons, I believe the above list will get me 50CHP atleast and make it breathe a bit easier also.

Ill report what gains I get with these parts on stock ecu with a dyno once its done!