No JHM love for the 4.2 R8???

Just curious. Wouldn’t the RS4 engine mods translate over? I would think the tune would be very similar. R8s have been out long enough that I’m sure there are enthusiasts that own them now wanting to get more out of them.

Is it because the market is so small?

Or jhm doesn’t have the time?

I think it would be sweet to see JHM take a 4.2 R8 into the mid 10s on pump!

edit: holy shit, Just checked autotrader and there isn’t one R8 listed in the country for under 75k. 6 year old R8s with 40k miles on them listed at 77k!!!

to a certain extent however the R8 is quite different in some important ways. i.e. it’s dual intake, and mid engined. Not sure how ideal it is to use a single cfuge for that. Someone smarter will know.

TTS is using 2 medium sized cfuges on a twin supercharged R8 kit. That’s pretty cool.

Then of course you can turbo charge the engines because space constraints aren’t nearly as bad as they are on the front engined RS4.

But then they burn to a pile of ashes right? ;D

I think the owner of the site has a 4.2 and 5.2 R8, both of which are JHM tuned.

^^^only when Audi does it lol

Most people that buy R8s do it for status. It is weird because they would be fantastic track weapons; both straight and through curves.

Pretty sure the flywheel, clutch, and crank pulley would swap over from a RS4 though.

R8 already has a lightweight flywheel funny enough. Better tell the people on quattrofail who think LWFW are for the devil.

Really? I didn’t know that. Do we have the specs on it, like weight? Curious how it stacks up to the OEM RS4 FW.

I’ve never seen specs, but it’s always referenced in the reviews

They always seem to mention it as a terrible thing because it makes RPMs drop in between gear changes.

Yes, maybe that’s because you’re a ham fisted journalist who is good at holding a keyboard rather than a gear shift. Of course the gated R8 shifter setup is a little tougher, but come on. The benny’s of an LWFW were not lost on quattro when they designed the car.

At least Automobile magazine always liked the LWFW

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[quote][b][i]Anyway, Audi’s new R8 shares the RS4’s engine, albeit with a couple of small changes. First, it has different intake and exhaust paths due to its mid-engine layout. Then, its dry-sump lubrication system allows the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis, permitting the use of a smaller, and lighter, flywheel.

The lightened flywheel is evident as soon as you turn the key. The R8’s V-8 revs much more quickly than the RS4’s. So quickly, in fact, that it seems the flywheel must be made of helium. Teensy little prods of the throttle result in huge surges of revs, with sharp barks of anger shooting out of the short exhaust pipes.
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Gee, wonder why JHM made one for our cars? Shocking that literally NOBODY ELSE BOTHERED.

ha! wonder how it compares to the stock R8 FW in terms of weight

Good stuff, learn something new everyday.

JHM should just do an exhaust system. Then sell it for half of what everyone else sells R8 systems for and still make the big bacon because its half the materials of an RS4 system.

Plus, it gets their name out into the world of high end buyers who think Miltek is the only exhaust manufacturer in the world.

AWE charges $2100 for fucking STRAIGHT PIPES. Holy shit. What the R&D on that one? A week maybe? Then their mandrel bender spits them out for the cost of a piece of tubing

[quote] Then, its dry-sump lubrication system allows the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis, permitting the use of a smaller, and lighter, flywheel.

What does a dry sump have to do with the weight of the flywheel?

[quote] Then, its dry-sump lubrication system allows the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis, requiring the use of a smaller, and lighter, flywheel.

There, fixed that

There, fixed that
Ahhh… makes much more sense now. Thanks.

Ahhh… makes much more sense now. Thanks.
haha imagine the standard diameter RS4 flywheel flinging the car sideways or stalling the car every time you hit a bump. anyways it looks like these guys had the same thought as you

LOL - English must not have been the original author’s first language.