Not a nice time with the RS

Hi Guys,

Not really enjoying life at moment with the RS4B8
It’s just rinsing me dry :sob:

Front lower control arm bushes gone.
Been told by garage might aswell replace all arms as labour to just do bushes is alot.

Quoted £700 to replace

Need ideas

Seperate note drive shaft replacement ££950 :sob:

Here is an idea: DIY

Woah driveshaft replacement? Why? I have JHM carrier bushing but haven’t gotten around to installing it yet.

Yeah DIY man. Buying a high performance nearly decade old Audi comes with the RS tax.

As far as the driveshaft goes, is it just the carrier bearing that has failed? If so look into this:

I’m not too sure tbh, I just got quoted OSF driveshaft replacement, it has play in it I beleive. Not major they say though just something that needs to be done at some stage, basically before I hit the drag strip again.

I’ve booked in for new arms and bushes on front for a week on Monday. They are very knocky.

As for the DIY I’m totally aware of this but I’m still aloud to have a moan now and then. I must be close to 10k in the car this year now with new suspension, brakes all round, tyres plus regular maintenance.

I did take the car to the garage specifically to look for any issues. Since having new brakes that are quite loud it’s got me all OCD so I basically took car to garage and told them to see what if anything wrong with car. So the positive news is that once these are done then the car should be tip top.
I love the car and I’m coming into year 3 now of ownership. This year it’s just really spat it’s dummy out. It’s just annoying as it all seems to have just come at once.

I will get the JHM stage 2 eventually I am so determined but these issues do need addressing first.
Then I just need to get my gearbox fully serviced and stage 2 time :grin:

However right now this moment me and the car are not good friends. (Lovers tiff) we taking a long trip this weekend hopefully get these brakes bedded in more which would make me happier as sounds like shit right now when going slow and braking

I feel for you. I’m replacing all of my bushings this winter, at least up front. We’ll see how much energy I have.

I’m putting mine off just a little longer even though my front end sounds like a pirate ship at ~5 mph. The bushings still look ok at least.

Mine look ok as well honestly but I know they need replacing. Just became a dealer for 034 Motorsports so if you need anything, hit me up.