Not started in 10years. Interesting read.. sludge in sump, flush or not

Hi I’m new to this forum and cannot post more than one pic. I have loads of pics if interested in seeing them

S8 not started in 10years

My S8 5.2 V10 had not been started in 10 years, with under 5000miles on the clock, the car had been sitting for a very long time.

The front end, rads pipes etc were all in the boot. This is how I purchased the car as a project. With bits missing slowly putting it back together. Previous chap had lost the keys so he parked it in a barn / farm but the engine was open to the elements, ( birds etc. Had loads of feathers in the engine bay in places I couldn’t even imagine. )

He had replaced the column and locks etc with ones he purchased from ebay. But these cars.

I replaced the steering column brand new from audi as it’s a one time code only and couldn’t get the column coded. After months of trying Bought Odis software and a vas5054 and after countless hours I successfully coded the column.

Before any attempts were made to crank her over. I used Marvels mystery oil and soaked the piston for a week, ,pouring it down the spark plug holes. Then I drained the oil and found water , about a litre of water came out then oil started pouring out… I changed the filter put fresh oil in cranked it by hand then started it. Sounded sweet but was smoking due to the Marvels mystery oil piston soak I had done. Then parked it up doing bits and pieces for the next 2 years. Lol.

Now 2 years on and the car is 99% complete ( just need headlights) having started the car over 10 times leaving it running for hours on end, I decided to remove the sump and clean the pickup and see what the internals look like. (P.s .I still havent driven it).

This is what I’ve found.

Sludge in the bottom of oil pan. Lots of it. I’m hoping its only stayed at the bottom of the pan ( well I hope it has anyway)

The oil pick up pipe was also blocked 99%

After cleaning it with
came out really well really pleased.

I also took a snap of the engine bottom end, looks very clean.

I installed the oil strainer and sump pan with the help of a workshop manuals from awesome site .

Sealed the pan using loctite 5980 black silicone and filled her up with quantum 5w30 from the audi parts dealership (TPS) 20 litres of oil.

I then removed the rocker cover to check for and sludge in the top end which luckily looked amazingly clean.

And while I was at it I thought I’d remove the top part of the inlet manifold to see what state the inlet flaps were. Having read these cars suffer from carbon build up and broken flaps. Which also looked brand new ,

So now the car has been put back together and I have filled her up over 10 litres with a fresh filter new oil, cleaned pickup pipe I am going to start her in the next day or so.

I’m planning to run her for a 30mins or so to warm the oil up , then Add Forte Advanced formula engine flush in for 30mins and let her idle with the flush for another 30 mins before draining the new oil immediately. (I know its such a waste but oil is fairly cheap from TPS. 65quid 20 litres.

Then remove the pan once more, clean the pickup pipe again and FINALLY seal it up.

Replace the oil with a new filter, drive for 500 miles ( whenever that will be) and drain and fill again without removal of the sump. I know its going.well over board but I’m fussy like that. Loll.

So my main concern after doing this is. SHOULD I USE A ENGINE FLUSH and what would be the BEST oil to put in after the flush if I decide to use it.

Fill 12 litres of diesel let it sit for few days do not start then drain it, then put about 6 litres of oil 2 litres of diesel only let it idle for 1 hour drain again fill with oil, change oil about 1k