Official RS5 photo thread

We need one of these. Post up your car porn peeps.

Here’s the first one from my latest shoot. Car was dirty as hell but ya can’t tell. There are so many great places to shoot out in the countryside. Every time I go out, I find new places to shoot.


Sorry about the size. I didn’t realize it until it had already uploaded it.

Looks great! Still working on processing my last shoot but here’s another.

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I love your photo shots of your car and the way you take them with the back drops you choose they look amazing , i wish i could take some of mine like that you defo have an eye for it !

Thanks Steve! I used to do it for a living so lots of practice. I’m a bench warmer (editor) now. I also drive around in the countryside a lot looking for great driving roads and photo shoot locations. It’s target rich here in San Antonio. Ok, ok, one more!

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Haha ! I thought you might have done this before honestly they look amazing your so lucky to live where you do it look’s beautiful out there and you have the driving roads as well so so unfair and you can stop teasing me now… no don’t i love it :stuck_out_tongue:


First post!

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Nice! What are the specs and mods on your RS5? And welcome!

Hi @Ape_Factory
Thanks for the welcome!
She is a “new to me” 2014 RS5, have her about 6 months now.
Mods :
JHM Exhaust system ( love it!)
Black optics mesh grill with match black badging all around
Chrome trim delete
Maxton front splitter / rear spoiler

Next up will probably be :
JHM Stage 1/2 tune
JHM coilover swap
Wrap + wheel powder coat

Haven’t seen much in the way of performance mods for the V8, but open to suggestions!

Is there anything that can be done with the air intakes that can give a performance increase?
(Seen some of the expensive carbon after market kits, but can’t see the performance)

Yeah unfortunately all those cool carbon intakes don’t do much. I tested the Eventuri vs. drop-in K&N panel filters (stock airboxes) and the K&N’s eked out a few more hp. Was a dark day for me, LOL.

Other than the JHM tune, there aren’t really any power mods although they are working on a supercharger kit, possibly headers (no cats) and have a lightweight flywheel out now. But either the stage 1 or 2 is completely worthwhile and definitely the best bang for the buck.

Only other mod I’d suggest is the RMR Transmission cooler. It’s both a performance and a reliability mod at the same time. Stabilizes temps and keeps the car performing at its peak possible level.

Aftermarket forged wheels will give you a good deal less rotational weight over the OEM wheels.

Glad to have you over here as a member!

Welcome buddy ! Love your ride looks mean in the photo, there is a good bunch of guys on here with a lot of knowledge and know how.

One more thing I’d recommend is the trans and diff mount inserts to tighten up the drive chain makes a difference and well worth the penny’s and as Ape has stated the JHM stage 2 is well worth the money transforms the car and the RMR cooler is a must have as well !!

@Ape_Factory @SteveRS4
Thanks for the responses guys! Definitely enjoying the platform…my first Audi so learning as I go!

Is E85 conversion not a thing here? (My other moneypit is a Nissan GTR and FBO + E85 is the beginners path to performance!)

Unfortunately no, mostly due to the direct injection system. Seems the injectors don’t play nice with ethanol above a certain level. I’ll be tuning for E40 once ethanol levels stabilize here in Texas. E85 is really off limits if you want the injectors to last. They can be a problem as is. I had one go bad at 63K miles. Replaced all as a precautionary measure.