Oil separator heater bypass on a 2009 S8 5.2 V10

I have the intake manifold spacers and the oil separator heater bypass from JHM. I’m a little confused since the illustrations that I saw from JHM has the coolant bottle on the passenger side (mine’s on the driver’s side) and the brass fitting is a “T” mine is a regular tube sans the “T”.
Does the fitting connect the lines going into the manifold and out to the separator?
There should be no coolant line going into the manifold, correct?

Sorry I didn’t see this.

Yes the instructions are for the S6 but on the S8 it works just a little different. Overall the end goal is to not have any coolant going through the throttle body.

If I remember correctly you can actually kinda cap off the lines on the S8 if you follow them back far enough in each direction.

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you …

Keep us posted on the car and how its coming together. Did you get the JHM tune as well.

I will get the tune before end of year.
Thank you.

The tune from JHM is a real improvement in the car. It makes the car like it should have come from the factory.