P054C00 error code

Did a forum search and didn’t find anything regarding the engine error P054C. Has anyone had this error code before and what did you do to fix it? My Check Engine Light IS NOT on, so is it not too serious? Is it random? I found the code off my OBDeleven. It says:
Cold Start “B” Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced

Would you shift the sensors around? Otherwise clean them. Check your oil level, top up to max.

What RPM does this happen, at inital crank

P054C Cold Start Monitoring VVT
exhaust Bank 1 Bank 2

Difference between target
position vs. actual position

5° CRK

10543 - Camshaft Adj. Bank 2 Exhaust
P054C 00 [096] - Cold-Start Timing not Reached

I think what Tonto said. When was your last oil change? Dirty oil can plug up the VVT system and the system is at about the end of the line in the oil system so a low oil quantity can issues. Swap sensors as he said and make sure the the surface is clean.