P176A Gear Selector 1 cannot be regulated

Hi to all
2013 Audi A3 1.4 TFSI with DSQ 7 Speed DQ200 has a DTC P176A Gear Selector 1 Cannot be Regulated.

Received this car with two DTCs
1: P176D Gear Actuator 4 Not Adjustable
1: P1895 Function Restriction due to pressure Drop
Changed the Gear actuator 4 Shift Fork bearings as they were broken and replaced the Accumulator plate as it was cracked. Replaced the 1 Shift Fork as the small plastic casing holding small magnets was broken. Removed and reinstalled the old dual clutch back.
Put everything back and started the car. As the shift fork 3 wasn’t aligned so it gave me code P284F Shift Fork 3 Uncommanded Movement. The was car was start and clutches started burning and smoking. Stopped the car and removed the Mechatronic unit. And reinstalled it with proper measurements.

Now have this P176A code and can’t do the basic settings with this DTC.
Replaced the Mechatronic Unit and code changed to P072C Stuck in Gear 1. Removed this refurbished mechatronic unit and checked all shift forks and they were in Neutral Position. So put the old mechatronic unit back in and the DTC changed again to P176A.

Will changing Dual clutch solve the problem but then why the code changes with replacing the mechatronic unit?
Please advice. Thanks