Photobucket Fix

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if this has been posted before, couldn’t find anything so decided to post anyway because its been causing quite a disruption to everyone who used photobucket to host there photos.

I for sure was pissed about the move Photobucket pulled to disable all links from forums everywhere to our photos we stored on their site. I went through the trouble to upload my photos to AR to get one thread off photobucket and it was a freakin nightmare and so time consuming.

So found this Add-on’s for Firefox which solved the problem and when browing any thread containing Photobucket links they are now restored. Here is link for the Firefox fix.

I know there is a Add-on for Google Chrome as well, have it installed as well, so depending on the browser you use its a simple case of finding the add-on, install and off you go.

Good update. So all you have to do is down load that addon and it nothing more? But its an end user thing so everyone would have to down load it correct. Its not just something you can do on your end if they are your pictures… That was F’d up what photobucket did

Correct, very simple fix, but, Yes, it’s an end user thing so everyone have to install the add-on. Unfortunately not something that me as the owner of the pictures on photobucket can do. But still such a simple fix and it spare you the agony of having to go back and reload everything to a different platform and then update the thread as well.

Although it’ll take most AR users some time to adjust, I highly recommend switching from Photobucket to Imgur! is the exact link, and it has a few more options as far as uploading the image which is nice. You can use another site’s link, simple copy and paste images or upload them from your computer like the classic way. Just like Photobucket the images can have minor revisions made (resizing, text, contrast, lighting, etc).

The only significant difference is that Imgur isn’t known to have their images disappear after X amount of time or put up any third party restrictions that might ruin your entire how-to thread.

I know it’ll take awhile to become accustomed, but it’s definitely worthwhile when choosing which service to upload your images on (if directly uploading them to AR isn’t an option).

My fix is loading them directly to AR to host them

I find it easy and faster