Photos from the infamous Cylinder 6

Here are some Photos we took from Cylinder 6. If anyone has ever seen such “damage”. Not your typical sight.

This will be a “nice” journey since this block will be getting a PowerSeal treatment in the Netherlands.

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Is that the top of the piston. or the cylinder walls.

These are the walls! I’ve talked to many engine builders and they say they’ve never seen such damage before!

Not sure that looks bad. I’d check the other cylinders. Cylinder scorching tends to be a bigger issue. I don’t know that there are not multiple cars that look that way and run fine.

How much oil are you consuming.

Cylinders 5 and 7 look equally “bad” if that’s even the correct way to describe it. To be fair I have to add 800ml of oil every 3 months to the car. I say so since it doesn’t matter how many miles I drive. Last time it was around 2500 miles. However I have a massive oil leak that contributes to that. So I’d say oil burning isn’t that big of a deal at least it’s within Audi spec.

Yeah I don’t know that I’d call that bad. Perhaps it’s just hard to see photos capture the issue they are looking to show.

To be honest if the cylinder walls were damaged you’d be burning oil from push by the rings.

Either way I don’t know that this looks like a motor out need to happen repair. Now if you want to that’s fine but I didn’t really see anything that screamed red alert

See that’s my concern as well. Is it just some way of mechanics to rack up some extra cash and blame the misfires on that or is it something really bad? And to be fair there’s a huge huge “conspiracy” going on here in Germany among audi mechanics blaming this kind of “damage” for the misfires. They’ll always say “oh yeah it’s your cylinder coating that’s peeling off that’s why” however hard to believe when it’s just one cylinder misfiring but all other cylinders looking exactly like this don’t.

I will try swapping injectors first and smoke testing it. If it goes away then I’ve saved some bucks otherwise I’d just make another thread about my journey of rebuilding and recoating the block with Nikasil and using genuine R8 parts.

There are all kinds of these all aluminum motors with this coating. The 5.2 isn’t the only one. None of them are having issues. I don’t know that I see anything really bad in the photo vs what is out there currently with no issues.

The real issues are generally tracked down to leaks. If you see misfires and also see out of range fuel trims. This is a classic sign of a leak. The odd thing is that you can have a leak at the throttle body and still get misfire codes for only one cylinders. Generally this is due to the injector balance or flow. That cylinder might just be more prone to issues. Or the misfire scheme in the ECU might just be more sensitive.

I had misfires on specific cylinders when I had my faulty PVC system even though it effected them all.
So +1 on that explanation.