POLL: Drag slicks and seat/exhaust removal...do we want these times on the list?

Just looking for the forum’s opinion.

We drive Audis. They are somewhat luxurious street cars. We test acceleration at the dragstrip. We keep a list to allow other folks to compare modifications and get a feel for what works and what doesn’t for their platform.

What I want to discuss is times set with ‘no seats’ or ‘no catback’ or with non-street tires/drag tires. We drive with 4 leather seats and a full exhaust on the car…we don’t drive around with open dumps and while sitting on a milk crate and no dashboard. So shoudl we be adding those times to our benchmark list? At the end of the day our list isn’t a dragstrip competition because we don’t give a shit about reaction times or trophies. We’re benchmarking acceleration.

What do you guys think?

This will annoy APR as their RS4 record would fall (slicks, no seats, no exhaust)
This will annoy GIAC as their fastest B8 S4 in the world 11.46 would fall off as well (no front passenger seat) although they ran again WITH the seat in and posted 11.49 which is still the record.
This will also annoy JHM as their B5 S4 K04 record would fall as they had no catback on for that run.

So it’s not playing favourites or trying to hurt any tuners. I’m interested only in protecting the point of the list, which is a fantastic resource for comparing cars/mods while also being a fun competition. With any competition there are rules.

Let’s hear your thoughts…first post your answers to teh 2 questions, then you can share your thoughts right after.

  1. Should we eliminate times for cars removing parts (seats, exhaust)?

  2. Should we eliminate times for cars running slicks?

Reality is this will only remove like 5 times from the entire list, and only 3 that anyone cares about (see above) so it’s not a big deal but let’s hear your thoughts.