POLL: What European dragstrip certification standard should we accept?

With the popularity of using the dragstrip as a benchmark for acceleration testing, our dragstrip database here on audirevolution has grown quite strong over the past 2-3 years. We have literally hundreds of records from a dozen or so Audi platforms. They key to note is that this list is not my list (I just administer it for the site owner)…it’s not the site’s list…it’s the members’ list, and the Audi community’s list. To that end, when we need to clarify the inclusion or exclusion of a time, it’s really up to the members.

One of the ‘standards’ we put on the list, itemized in the ‘Revolutionary Results’ thread was the standard the track had to be up to.

[quote]Non-certified dragstrips will also not be added. Basically only results from a proper dragstrip with standardized/certified timing systems will be included.
it goes on to specifically mention times that will not be included, specifically:


  1. pbox quarter mile times - should be self explanatory
  2. temporary airstrip type dragstrip event times - there are lots of these in Europe as they unfortunately don’t have many proper dragstrips. Including them is tough because they often calculate trap speed differently and rely on GPS or radar gun devices etc. That’s not really fair to compare to times that were run on a certified track with controls etc. on the timing and track setup.
    It isn’t explicitly stated but here in North America, the members of the site with their input have deemed that to be an IHRA or NHRA member track. Around the world it starts to get complicated as those bodies appear to no longer be operating internationally the way IHRA used to a few years ago.

Many of the dragstrip events in Europe or Africa are temporary setups on an airstrip or on the straightaway of a racetrack. It’s tough to consider that for inclusion, however there are a number of other places that are permanent, standardized and in some cases certified dragstrips.

So…we can just do this on a case by case basis…we can just add everything (which would ruin the integrity of the list) or we can qualify the description a bit more.

Here’s an example of a track that is part of a couple of motorsports governing bodies, that go through certification and standardization…and is very much permanent. However under our list, as it stands today, it’s tough to include because of this grey area. Shakespeare and Santa Pod are kinda no brainers. York too I would say (also in England).

In any event, vote above, and we will go from there.