Porsche panny gran turismo


Dare I say the rear actually looks good on a panamera? I really like the idea of the 4.0T hybrid they joked about at the end. I believe the 4.0t is Basically the rs7 motor with some Porsche tricks, while the others are part sharing worth Audi as well.

Well, if you don’t need the ride height this is a nice alternative to a cayenne or macan. His thing is bigger than the last version too!


long wagons start looking like a hearse to me. Not interested.

I didn’t like the previous Panamera but this one the rear is starting to look decent. Still not sure. I’d have to see it in person.

Panamanabananamera ™ went from a car I couldn’t stand looking at to not bad at all with this redesign. The Gran Turismo looks better yet, to me.

Looks like an expensive Dodge magnum