Production numbers

I’m wondering If there is a way to find production numbers on c6 s6 down to interior color and paint. Anyone know of a way to find that?

Call Audi of America customer service. They will ask for your vin. You can get all kinds of information from them. Including the original window sticker for the car. I don’t know how far back they still keep records but that is what I have done with all of my cars.

Awesome, thank you! Couldn’t find anything for it online but if I’m able to do it by vin that will make it easy.

On erWin you can buy access to get all the Audi repairs manuals and while you are there you can type the vin an get all info on your vehicle.

Here you can see mine, to get an idea:

They keep window sticker for 6 years. However audi of America said production on 2008 s6 was a little over 900, with only 40 of those being silver interior with grey quartz metallic paint.

Oh, I missed the point.

I’ve been looking to see how many C6-S6 there is with the color that mine has.
Maybe it would be possible to email Audi I Germany.

I’m sure it’s possible. What color? Audi of America looked mine up by vin like CV said really simple and very quick phone call

The color code is Z6S and is listed as “Audi Exclusive”.

If Audi America can see production numbers world wide it would be great.