Project Audi V10 5.2 performance. S6 / S8

Project Audi V10 5.2 performance. S6 / S8

The V10 5.2 Audi was a car I’ve always wanted since it first came out. The usual saying is “it’s a 4 door Audi with a Lamborghini motor in it.” While we all know that’s not exactly the truth, I figured why not do what we can to make that true. I plan on really making something of my V10 5.2, what a better place than here and what better people than the people on this site to share and get ideas on whats going to work best. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of several projects many of them listed on here. If you’re interested and have several hours to burn.

This gives a quick overview of something things I was involved in.

Some of you might be familiar with this build

This was for my S4 build thread.

Here is a fun A6 project I worked on.

Here was a fun has never before done project that the customer couldn’t find anyone on earth to get the car running on the Me system

Headers on an A8

There have been several others but that is a good start.

I’ve had my S8 (I know this is the S6 section) for quite a while and I’ve done quite a few things that I think owners here might be interest in. I have plans to take the car further than where it currently is now.

Some of the exciting things I’ve done are

The JHM intake spacers
The JHM Lightweight crank pulley - almost 9lbs of weight savings.
The JHM Lightweight brake rotors front and back - weight savings you wouldn’t believe
JHM beta ECU and TCU tune.
Full custom 3" exhaust
Carbon clean
SAI removal
Fuel filter
Up-date plugs and coil packs.
Oil change and fluid assessment.
Compression test
Cylinder inspection

The list goes on but it ends right now with track testing in the 1/4 mile with what I understand to be the fastest D3 S8 all motor car if not overall fastest. Don’t get too excited it’s not as fast as I’d like it but its a lot faster than stock.

I figured with so much excitement over here in the S6 section that there would be a few guys who might enjoy the outline and work I’ve done so far. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any. That’s the entire point of this thread.

So, if you’re interested, feel free to keep reading as this is my S8 journey.