Q: How many trouble free miles have you gone AFTER the car was fully sorted?

Happy New Years!

Quick question for the community: how many trouble-free miles have you racked up AFTER you got the car fully sorted?

Background: After my coolant disaster in Paris (cracked water pump housing) and the sealing of a vacuum leak at the throttle body–the car has been running trouble-free(!) I haven’t had a (meaningful) CEL since summer. Of course, this run comes after I’ve completely divested myself of the car emotionally and prepared to dump it on an exporter next summer when we leave the EU. But now it’s time to change the oil and do some minor maintenance—and I find that this trouble free streak is a little charming. Will it last?

I am about 93000km (~58000 miles) and 3.5 years later without any engine related codes.

Roughly 3000 miles :pleading_face:

… until you have changed / rebuilt everything

Still original untouched parts under the hood of mine : one throttle body, secondary air pump, steering pump, MAF, alternator. Everything else has been changed / rebuilt (including ESP module, engine…)



I have gone approximately 3000km since my last cpl of repairs

I purchased my audi S6 c6 in 2016. 65000 miles no issues. Besides standard maintenance stuff. Zero. Untill a lil over 100,000 miles I flew off the road side swiped an oak and spun in the air like a helicopter landing in the woods. So zero issues from my audi.