Q8/SQ8 Vagcom mods

I was over at another Audirevolution.net members house and we had a SQ8. We were able to mess around and find a few good working Vag com mods. Here is what we did.

Also a good reference thread that has some of the same data but more options.

Keep in mind many of the new Audis you need to have the hood up to do some of the vag com mods. So keep that in mind. Here is the error we got before we started -

hood open

Here is how to change the Auto blinker from 3 flashes to 5 - The auto blinker is the soft touch turn signal count -

Single beep / double beep when locking -

I don’t really remember this doing anything different but this is for adding more options to the heads up display. -

This is to show the gear number while in D or S etc. Keep in mind you’ll want to select the option you wish

This was actually a pet peeve of mine that I thought it was great to change. The actual beep time of the beep itself. LOL

Lastly my personal fav - The ability to turn off the seatbelt warning chime. Nothing is more annoying than moving the car in or out of your garage or driveway sitting there for a few min and then listening to the endless seatbelt chime

Always searching for more and adding as I find. If you have anything to add please let me know.